Industrial cake production line Laser Italy


Consisting of the following components:

  • 10,000 kg flour silo
  • 500 kg sugar silo
  • automatic dosage of flour and sugar
  • mixer (Z mixer with volume 200 kg) brand Laser Italy
  • Planetary mixer 60l Marca Sigma Italy
  • rotary machine for the production of Marca Laser Italy shortbread biscuits
  • two-head pouring machine for the production of biscuits in two different colors or one color and a filling Marca Laser Italy
  • Pouring machine for the production of modular wire cut biscuits, syringes Marca Comas Italia
  • Tunnel oven Dimensions width 600 mm length 18 m electric with steel belt Power 155 kw
  • cooling belt
  • sandwich line
  • flowpack packaging machine
  • vertical packaging machine with two scales

All the equipment was produced in 2004 and all the equipment is in excellent condition.

The line is not disassembled in working condition.

Linea industriale per produzione biscotti (taglio a filo, siringati , ripieni, colati , frolla-stampatti)

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