Padovani SRL, Via L. Da Vinci 244., 45021 Z.L. Badia Polesine (RO)-Italy

Padovan is the most famous company for making rollers for high quality printed biscuits and machines Rotativa as for small baking workshops also for large systems or confectionery industry.

Since 2007, the famous company Tecno Stamp, the first in Europe, started production of stuffed cakes, has become the property of Padovani, which continues to manufacture cake filling machines.

About Us

MiniPan Ltd. is a company dealing with the import and export of machines for bakery and pastry, as well as confectionery machines, including their distribution and installation.

We sell new equipment, as well as high quality used machines.

We are agents for the Serbian and former Yugoslavia market for following producers of bakery, pastry and confectionery machines and equipment: Padovani, ABM Italy, Arte Bianca, Aldegheri Forni, BMax Technology, Conti, Techno-D, Tecnomac, ME.TRA.


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